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!!!S02E14!!! Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Online Full Streaming - Time of Death. Don't worry as the over view completely available today, Oliver brings Sara into the Arrow team. Watching Oliver and Diggle spar with Sara and talk old scars, Felicity starts to feel left out. The team is investigating a villain named William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King, who is a brilliant thief armed with technology that can open any bank vault in Starling City. 

After The Clock King infiltrates the computer systems in the lair, Felicity feels pressure to prove her worth. When she gets a lead on Tockman’s whereabouts, she heads out without the team, putting her in peril. Meanwhile, Oliver throws Sara a welcome home party, but Laurel refuses to attend. After Lance makes his case for a family dinner, Laurel acquiesces, but when Oliver shows up with Sara, she loses her temper on both of them.

Arrow (TV series) last week reminder from Heir to the Demon, Nyssa Raatko, daughter of Ra's al Ghul and member of the League of Assassins, arrives in Starling City to convince Sara to return to Nanda Parbat with her. Nyssa confronts Sara, and reveals that the two shared a past romantic relationship. Sara refuses to comply, so Nyssa kidnaps Dinah Lance, Sara's mother, and threatens to kill her if Sara does not agree to return with her within 24 hours. 

Sara agrees, but drinks snake venom in an act of self-sacrifice. Arrow arrives with an antidote, and Nyssa releases Sara from her obligations to the League. Meanwhile, as Moira begins her political campaign, Felicity discovers that Thea's true father was Malcolm Merlyn. Although threatened by Moira, Felicity reveals the truth to Oliver, who supports his mother's campaign publicly while denouncing their familial relationship privately. 

Although Sara is welcomed back by her parents, Laurel, in a fit of rage, kicks her out of her house after deciding that Sara is responsible for everything bad that has happened to her and their family. In addition, Slade decides to take care of Moira's campaign against Blood. 
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